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→When you «buy a font» you are actually purchasing a software license. This license defines how you can use the font. These are the different standard licenses we offer our customers.

Basic License Agreement for print

Our standard license allows the user to Preview & Print the font for print media.

Web Embedding License

If you intend to use Kombinat-Typefounders fonts on the web this is the right license for you.

Application Embedding License

This license is made for developers who intend to embed Kombinat-Typefounders fonts in software (games, mobile apps, what have you…)

Education License

We want educational institutions to be able to use our fonts which is why we offer substantial academic discounts.

Site License and Company License

Advanced licenses for large volume customers.

If you can't find the license you are looking for or you are not quite sure which license makes sense for you please don't hesitate to get in touch with us…

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