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Any questions?

Confused? Lost? This is where you'll find the answers.

In this Support section you can find short manuals that will help you master very specific technical tasks as well as articles that will help you to better understand a number of type related toppics. We have also compiled a frighteningly long list of frequently asked questions in the section. Also for regular updates check out the Kombinat-News feed.

    All sales are final and we don't accept returns. Fonts are DRM free software and software can be copied, duplicated and exist in many places at the same time. If you accidentally bought the wrong font or don't need it after all there is very little we can do. So make sure to ask questions first. We are always happy to help you find the best option for your project.
    Wether you are a freelance designer, a big publisher or want to use our fonts online, we will make sure you get the license that makes the most sense for your specific situation. Compare our different licenses...
    Can't log into your customer account, or is the comment you left gone without a trace? You might have gotten barred. Come here to sort it out.
    How are the prices calculated, what is meant by devices are there any discounts?
    If you bought our fonts through a FontShop register your purchase here and we will send you free upgrades as they become available.
    The minimum character set you can expect from all our fonts with a listing of the supported languages.
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