Slot RTP and slot machine volatility are one of the elements that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating a slot machine. In fact, many are interested in how much a slot machine pays, and the odds of winning.

For this reason, many players rely on a figure that comes directly from the manufacturer of the slot machine, namely the RTP slot. Return to Player indicates how much of the total entered into the game is returned to players in the structure of winnings. This picture is affirmed as a commission which for virtual slots, according to law, that should be greater than 90%. The same value is often referred to as “payout” free rtp slot games.

Those who are new to the subject, let’s take an example that can clarify it better. If a slot machine has a slot RTP of 96%, this means that out of €100 played on that slot, on average €96 is returned to players with various winnings. The remaining 4% minus taxes represents the profit of the casinos.

rtp slot

However, we must not draw the erroneous conclusion that if I play €100, I will go home with €96. In fact, I will be able to go home with nothing or a high sum. Slots RTP data is calculated over thousands of play cycles. This causes the plays themselves to be random, and lends interest to otherwise meaningless as well as predictable gameplay.

Earlier we mentioned that the results of playing slots are causal. Well, at the basis of the operation of slot machines there is a RNG.

RTP slots and volatility. Understand how to choose a slot

Good or bad slot RTP is a concept that most players are aware of, lesser known is that of volatility. We often don’t know how to choose a slot in a “rational” way and deepening this concept can help. Volatility , often also referred to as “variance” is relative to the risk of the slot . In practice it has to do with the frequency of winnings and the amount of these. A slot has high volatility when it pays out fewer but higher payouts. Conversely, volatility is said to be low when the wins are frequent, but small in amount. In the second case, the risk is said to be low, since the player will probably win, even if only slightly.

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