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About us

→The Kombinat-Typefounders is a publisher and distributor of digital typefaces. We work with our clients on custom tailored typographic solutions. We also license the typefaces in our exclusive retail library.

The Kombinat-Typefounders was founded in 2001 by Hannes Famira. Slowly developing from the showcase of one guy’s work into a business, we are in our fourteenth year now. The company remains small but with a growing number of independent designers contributing to our retail library of typefaces.

A KABK alumni and a type designer of the first digital hour Martin teaches, designs, and lives in Berlin, Germany.
Roland is a graduate of the Type]Media masters program and works as a freelance art director with a focus on branding and interaction design.
Our first intern ever spent a long, hot NY summer drawing type and not taking any wooden nickels. He worked on ffBlocker and the Jetsam Collection.
Hannes Famira is founding principal of the Kombinat-Typefounders and teaches type design and Typography classes at the Cooper Union.
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